INSANITY is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results

It’s also a workout so intense it makes me feel like running the two miles or going through the 20 minute Jillian Michael’s video routine that used to make up my workouts are “taking the easy way out”. But I did it. Again. I’ve made my way through the first five days of Insanity once before and then decided I’d rather just stick to my quick twenty minute workouts. But this time I’m determined to stick to doing the whole program at least once through so I can kick start getting back into shape after how relaxed I’ve been with my exercise routine and diet. I know I can’t expect to get my figure back over night, but I also know that I won’t be fully satisfied until I lose at least three or four pounds to get me back to my comfort zone. So I’m doing an Insanity run through and today’s was mostly successful. I’m trying to remind myself to just be proud that I did the whole 42 minutes but I know that I slacked off for a good five to ten minutes half way through so I’m not completely satisfied with the workout. But! I did get sweaty and I did kick some serious ass regardless so I am going to be proud and enjoy a delicious chocolate toffee almond Powerbar to replenish my protein.

ImageIn terms of my psychological state, today has been a lot better than it has been earlier this week. I feel okay with myself today. Not entirely happy with where I am, but okay enough that it hasn’t affected my social interactions or whether or not I actually go out and do things so that’s another improvement. For the most part, today has been really good actually. I even tried tofu for the first time in the cafe. It was pretty good. 🙂 The roommate and I are having a girls night with another one of our friends so hopefully things will become fully stress free for at least a little while. We all need one of those.

So today has been much more positive and I’ve done much better at making progress rather than sulking. I can do this! Soon I’ll post some “Before” pics so I can keep track of my actual progress. I know better than to try to measure it on a scale by weight. That would just make the bulimic triggers worse. So I’m just going to try and work hard at it til I get my ab lines back.


Food Journal:

Breakfast: Balance Nutrition Bar

Lunch: Bown rice, Tofu stir-fry (tofu, broccoli, bell peppers), a red apple with peanut butter

Snack: Apple Cinnamon Nutrigrain bar

Pre-Meeting Snack: 1 multi-grain waffle with a tblsn of Organic Chocolate Hazelnut spread and a small drizzle of maple syrup and Coffee

Dinner: Tuna salad in a pita pocket (1 can of tuna, sweet pickle relish, tri color mini peppers, Italian dressing, black pepper) and a Chocolate Toffee Almond Powerbar